Automating the workflow and processes, IVR proves to be useful from a simple replacement of a call to complex database-driven communications.

Simple use cases

Auto-attendant- IVR assists in attending the incoming calls and guiding the customers with the help of pre-recorded messages. The callers are directed towards the sales or support, and their queries are resolved with the help of automated communicative messages.

Call centers- IVR aids in connecting the callers to the sales or support agents with the help of automated messages. It is also helpful in companies dealing with banking, insurance, financial services, and other utility companies. Calles can opt for their local language and the service they want.

Complex use cases

Premium support services- IVR is useful for the companies providing highly specialized phone support services wherein the callers require authenticating their identity and later proceeding for further processing.

Utilities- Utilities- IVR assists the customers to provide and send specific information to the different utility companies like those dealing with water, electricity, gas, etc. the entire process is automatic and doesn’t require human intervention.

Transportation- Delivery of goods, consignment, their authentication, and confirmation can be processed with the help of IVR. Workflow triggers based on consignment number provided by the customer, which is stored in the database.

Commercial Airlines- Passengers can track their luggage by dialing the number and entering their flight and seat number. IVR traces the location of the baggage and the next destination.


We appreciate that the setup was very quick and we did not need to invest in new hardware. Web admin interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.

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