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Smart IVR service configured through a Virtual Number interacts with customers and routes calls to appropriate department

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Basic Plan

  • Yearly Plan : Rs 18,000/-year
  • Monthly effected Rent : Rs.1500/-
  • Free Minutes : 1000
  • Users : 4
  • Call charges after free minutes : Rs 1.2/min

Standard Plan

  • Yearly Plan : Rs 36,000/-Year
  • Monthly effected Rent : Rs.3000/-
  • Free Minutes : 3600
  • Users : 6
  • Call charges after free minutes : Rs 0.80/min

Advanced Plan

  • Yearly Plan : Rs 60,000/-Year
  • Monthly effected Rent : Rs.5000/-
  • Free Minutes : 6600
  • Users : 20
  • Call charges after free minutes : Rs 0.75/min

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All our plans come with the following features

  • Missed call services
  • Dynamic call flows
  • Call & SMS campaigns
  • Call recordings
  • Call & SMS APIs
  • Daily email reports
  • Reports and analytics
  • Real-time notifications
  • Automated calls & SMS


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony cloud Technology that interacts with callers, gathers information and helps route calls to relevant recipients, via voice commands or touch-tone key selection.
When a person calls on IVR number, IVR system greet callers and assit them in reaching appropriate department or agent by entering keypad input in IVR menu
In example, a caller that selects English. Billing in the IVR will be routed to an English-speaking billing agent. Some IVRs may take more information than this, including account number and specific details of the inquiry.
Yes,You can add IVR on your existing Number also, or else you can use Our Viurtual Number for IVR

yes,You can change Billing plan any time deepens on your usage, also we will give customized plan for High volume calls

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